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Bassline Circus/ MHz + SUE ZUKI
In association with Feral

Visual theatre exploring the interface between sonic art and aerial circus, within a laser light scenography.
Audiences are immersed in an otherworldly environment that sits between an AV concert and a live art happening. Hypnotic and ritualised movement on the ground and in the air is paired with a Dark Wave live set of throbbing synthetic hymns and mesmeric vocals from sonic priestess SUE ZUKI

LIQUID SKY is name of a classic laser effect created by a flat static beam of light intersecting swirls of fog causing a cloud effect, it is also the name of Slava Tsukerman’s 1987 cult sci-fi film about the female orgasm and vaporizing aliens, set in New York City in the post-punk/new-wave clubs and influential to a whole generation of electronic musicians.

Music and lasers went hand in hand and the rise of techno music and rave culture in the 80's and 90's became the de-facto home for lasers. Young rebellious people were meeting in clubs, warehouses and fields to lose themselves to music. Giant sound systems, powerful lasers and chemicals were transporting the anarchic youth in ways traditional religious gatherings couldn't.
Mythologies abound, seasoned ravers coming down in early morning smoke filled living rooms and kitchens talk in fevered tones of moments of transcendence, of being lifted up, of out of body experiences.

Set in a metaphysical "dream" space, Doris Lessing's 198O's feminist science fiction novel 'The marriage of zones Three, Four and Five' traces the adventure of a queen forced into wedlock to save her territory from ecological demise. Navigating beyond gender conflict by way of metamorphosis, she finds kinship with a secret circle of women who sneak out at night and practice looking at the forbidden mountains of Zone 3, triggering her to find agency and solace in an ethereal land of light beyond borders, where no one with a heavy body can enter.

Lessing's mystical quest here becomes the back story for the re-imagining of the fabled Indian Rope Trick whereby a rope levitates before someone climbs it and disappears in the sky.In this version of the illusion, our aerialist performs the miracle of holding herself airborne for 20 minuets whilst completely blindfolded.

Leading the cathartic feat with a radiant live set, dark wave pioneer Sue Zuki provides the backbone for this real- world simulation of light, circus and new music.


Aerial Artist/ Choreographer: Aedín Walsh
Music composition + performance: SUE ZUKI
Lasers + Set Design: Jack Wrigley
Performance Direction + Costume: Bex Anson
Movement dramaturgy: Sabine Molenaar
Makeup: Nat Hart

Rigger: Saul Baum
LX Design/ Tech Direction: Dav Bernard
Production Manager: Robbie Thomson
Stage Manger: Nicole Pretlove
Produced: Feral (Jill Smith & Kathryn Boyle)

Originally funded with the support of Tramway, Creative Scotland, Swedish Arts Council and Swedish Arts Grants Committee.With special thank to Mike Pony (Submerge), Ali Rowe (Submerge), Nicolas Young (Circomedia) Mia Lake (Circomedia) and Howie Reeve (Circomedia)


Submerge, Bristol International Digital Arts Festival, in association with Circomed, March 2019

Braw Circus Festival, Platform, Sept 2018

Take Me Somewhere Festival, Tramway, May 2018