Fram & Dunt
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 Bassline Circus presents: THE BOOMTOWN GAMES Commissioned by Boomtown Fair with support from Arts Council England.  The very first BOOMTOWN GAMES judged by our glorious ruler: Comrade JOSE. Watch as the Barrio’s gangs compete to rule the neighbourhood in deadly circus battles where all tricks are allowed…  BEHOLD THE BASSLINERS vs THE VAMPS vs THE BANDITS First gang to win 3 battles gets the keys to the favela and the exclusive Vamos Villas  …waiting in the shadows, The Bandit Queen is planning to unite the gangs and overthrow Jose’s regime….  Direction, writing, scenography: MHz Production: Bassline Circus  Set Design: SWAG Lighting: Charlie Upton Pyro: Cara Smyth Head Rigger: Saul Baum Riggers: Clare Crook, Mitch A Matosis, Cihan Kuşçu, Rowan Fae Zipline Choreography: Rowan Fae Stage Choreography: Mele Broomes Stage Manager: Zephyr Liddell Costume Mistress: Saehee V Simmons Costume makers: Puckoo Couture, SaeHee V Simmons, Zephyr Liddell, Bex Anson,Liv Karlsson, Haras Hair Design: Liv Karlsson Make up Artists: Emilie-Marie Vieublé, Lucinda Younger, Natalie Hart Props: Tulsi Powell, Jaynie de Lego Photography: Nadia Lomana-Otshudi