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Bassline Circus/ MHZ in association with Feral Arts

Would you like to live an extra 200 years? How about as a megacorporation’s experiment – on the surface a supercool, enhanced super-human? Everything’s perfect, apart from those that control you.

Meet our guide to the multifaceted expectations of a future world - Kid_X (Malick Bright), the flex and krump dance prodigy, fitted with a prototype bionic heart, who falls for Gabriella (Amanda Attwood), the famous rooftop acrobat. His heart is corporate property and she's dedicated to her millions of followers.

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At the centre of the story is singer/songwriter Eva Lazarus, who’s been making waves in the world of British hip-hop, reggae, and underground music. Singing brand new songs written specifically for the project, she plays Dr Lazarus, the trailblazing inventor and Kid_X's overbearing guardian on a mission to save the world.

KID_X is a first of its kind, bringing together the creative powerhouses of Mungo’s Hifi, Feral, Bassline Circus, MHz, award-winning Scottish animators OnceWereFarmers, and Eva Lazarus. Expect hand-balancing, Flexin, Krump, BoneBreaking, hypnotic video projections, and heavy bass.

This is a get on your feet, forward-thinking, tech-edge show that defies categorisation. Somewhere between digital circus and dance, with all the energy of an all-night rave, KID_X is a vision of the future.

Kid_X. Step into a boy-meets-girl love story for the future.


AV/Set/LX design/Co director -Dav Bernard
Direction - Bex Anson
Lyricist/MC - Eva Lazarus
Music Production -Mungo Hifi
Dance artist - Android X
Hand Balancer- Amanda Attwood
Costume Design- Saehee Simmons
3D Animation-OnceWereFarmers/ Beeple
Dramaturg-Gavin Marshall
Choreographic Outside eye –Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade
Company Mentor- Adrian Berry
Produced by Feral

Supported by Creative Scotland, Tramway, Macrobert Arts Centre, Platform, PRS Foundation Open Fund and Arts Council England


Jacksons Lane / August 2017
Stratford Circus / September 2017
NoFitState & New Vic Theatre / March 2018
Platform/ May 2018
Macrobert / September + Apirl 2018