Fram & Dunt

Contemporary circus show
Set/Lx/video + costume design by MHz

Fram and Dunt tells an unlikely story through hair hanging and incredible aerial acts.

Dunt, aka dad, aka Joe Hyde, is a 60 year old man who, until now, has been working in I.T. as a security consultant.One year ago Fram, aka his daughter, aka hair hang artist Francesca Hyde, asked him to run away with her to the circus. Her secret mission: to get him to quit his job and bring him to the stage that he has always dreamed of. To her surprise he said yes.

But life as an artist is a lot less glamorous than that of an I.T. security consultant: the pay is low, the work is much more physical, the life is unstable and the tempting glow of the computer screen is hard to ignore.

Photo Nadia Lomana-Otshudi


Performed by Francesca Hyde and Joe Hyde
Directed by Ellie Dubois
Sound Design by Peter Lannon
Produced by Nicola Lawton
Scenography MHz
Photos Nadia Lomana-Otshudi

Supported by Arts Council England and LabTime from The National Centre for Cirus Arts

Circus Fest, The Roundhouse/ 2018
HOME, Manchester/ 2019