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Holly Williams discovers how children's shows are growing up

“The potential power of genre-blending is something Bex Anson, director of Kid_X, is alive to. She describes her show as “a sci-fi circus concert: it looks like a giant comic book and plays like a video game, it’s very high energy with a narrative that’s a bit cyberpunk Romeo and Juliet. The main characters are young performers that teenage audiences should be able to identify with; even if the action is set in a futuristic world where a body upgrade company rules the stock market and humans can live to 200 – at a cost..”

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KID_X review
**** The herald

“High-energy meditation on how technology can harden emotions if not tempered by real live human interaction. This is shown best at the end, when the young audience are invited onstage for a mass dance-off that displays with joyful abandon how collective action can bring people together”

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KID_X review
**** The List

Slick and contemporary blend of music, circus and physical theatre
by David Pollock

In the future it isn't so easy to fall in love – not when you were born in a lab and your heart is the property of genius corporate overseer Dr Lazarus. Yet that's the fate of Kid_X, bionic superhuman and the next stage of human evolution, when he meets the acrobat Gabriella.”

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