Designers of vibrant theatrical environments

MHz collaborates with solo artists or embeds with larger creative teams.
Creative duo Bex Anson and Dav Bernard, have lived and breathed circus, dance, live music, visual arts and site-specific theatrics since they started working together on projects such as:

Lowsalt Gallery (site specific art gallery 2006-2010)
85A Collective (celebrated multi-disciplinary arts group 2008-2015)
Circolombia (World class circus company from Cali 2010-2015)
Bassline Circus (High-octane circus company touring music festivals 2008-present)
Since its formation in 2017 MHz was commissioned by dance artist Saffy Sehoty's Hidden Architecture and Fram & Dunt by Francesca Hyde & Ellie Dubois; VOID – their collaboration with Mele Broomes (V/DA)- received Made In Scotland support and won the Total theatre award for dance (2108)

MHz' own new show KID_X -a Digital Circus Concert- will premiere at Tramway 2019


Dav Bernard

AV/ Light/ Sound/ Set Design

Dav is a leading audiovisual artist (working across video, light, sound and set design) and technical director for live productions (theatre, concerts, clubs, and circus) who focuses on blending reactive moving imagery with physical/musical performance.

Combining new and old technologies Dav creates timeless visual content that can be experienced as multi-screen mapping projections for large scale touring shows and ambitious visual installations, with commissions from organisations such as NVA, The Tiger Lillies, Scottish Opera, NTS, Circolombia.

Dav has a background in musical instrument design, festival organising, his work has been selected amongst the world's 150 most influential practitioners in DFUSE' VJ and AV culture book (2006).


Bex Anson

Performance Direction/ Stylist

Bex Anson is a Glasgow based visual theatre director, costume maker and scenographer interested in audience experience, experimental environments and collective synergy. A painting graduate of the GSA, she co-founded site-specific art gallery Lowsalt before re-training and becoming a performance maker. She is currently an associate director with Bassline Circus.

Bex is a 2018 recipient of a Jerwood Performing arts bursary for her Laser/Circus performance Liquid Sky which has been performed at Tramway, Braw Circus festival and will be touring to Submerge digital arts festival, Bristol 2019.

Bex has presented work with NVA, GIFestival, Glasgow Film festival, Behaviour festival, Kelvingrove Art gallery and Museum, Conflux,Tramway, Boomtown and Fusion Festivals